The Glass industry in India is poised to grow rapidly owing to its extensive use in numerous sectors. The market is driven by increasing disposable income and willingness to spend on better living standards due to rising aesthetic sense among consumers as well as glass being the preferred medium of packaging. In 2010 the total glass industry was worth INR 180 billion and continues to grow at a breakneck speed.
Glass is becoming an increasingly popular building material the world over, and India is no exception. Today there is so much more possible with glass because of technological advantages – in terms of enhanced strength, increased safety, superior acoustics, exceptional energy control and excellent day-lighting. Glass reduces the weight on the foundations and makes for a lighter building. It optimizes the use of natural light, thereby not only making it more comfortable for occupants but also reducing the use of electricity.

The investments in this sector are huge and today the Indian glass industry has the machinery and capability to take on projects of international scope in terms of complexity and quality.

Growing real estate coupled with rise in income is set to boost the glass industry in India and developers have been consistently looking to find better quality material at affordable prices. Mahalaxmi Buildmat Ltd., a relatively newer member of the dynamic Mahalaxmi Group, was founded with the distribution of Float Glass to cater to this ever burgeoning market for high quality glass products.

Product Details

  • Clear float Glass
    • Clear float is a transparent annealed glass, in which two sides are planes and parallel to each other. The technique for production of floated glass is quite recent in comparison to the discovery of glass. The technique was invented by Sir Alastair Pilkington in 1958 to produce a perfectly smooth glass. It can go through any type of processing i.e curving, beveling, polishing of edging, enameling, lacking, etching, tempering etc.
    • Applications – Glassing of doors & windows, house hold furniture, automobiles,  raw material for tempered glass/ safety glass
    • Thickness- 2mm to 25mm
  • Tinted float Glass
    • Combines, stunning exterior aesthetics and unsurpassed interior glare control with optimal reduction of solar heat & light transmission.
    • Colors/ shades – Bronze/ French Green/ Dark Green/ Blue/ Gray
    • Applications – Windows’ solariums/ Sky lights, handrails, furniture applications, Automobiles, etc.
    • Thickness- 4mm- 12mm
  • Extra Clear Float Glass-
    • Extra clear is a float glass whose composition is defined by its iron oxide content, thus giving it a higher light transmission compared to normal float as well as lower coloration.
    • Applications- Display cabinet, Glass shelves, furniture applications, display applications, silk printing, white & pastel colour enabling
    • Thickness- 4mm- 19mm
  • Silver Float Mirror
    • Silver Mirrors are manufactured by applying a reflective coating to a flat surfaced clear glass. The reflective coating is typically applied to the back surface of the glass. The silver mirror generally has double coating to protect the reflective coating from corrosion and accidental damage
    • Applications: Personal Grooming, Shelves, Counters, Furniture, Decoration
    • Thickness – 3mm to 6mm
  • Reflective Float Glass
    • Reflective float glass is made on clear or tinted float base by applying metallic oxides at high temperature. Reflective Glass provides aesthetic appeal as well as control of solar heat and luminosity within the building achieving heat and air conditioning savings.
    • Colors – Golden, Bronze, Green, blue, Gray
    • Applications – Exterior facades and windows
    • Thickness- 4mm- 6mm
  • Pattern Glass
    • Pattern glass offers privacy as well as style throughout the home. It allows maximum light into internal rooms while maintaining the chosen level of privacy through an attractive decorative pattern.
    • Colors – Clear/ Green/ Blue/ Gray and Bronze
    • Patterns- Karatachi, Bamboo, Floro, Withy, Sandy, Leni
    • Applications- Doors, Law level glassing, bathroom area, furniture and cabinet
    • Thickness- 4mm- 6mm



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