The Mahalaxmi Advantage

For us the Customer is King!

Meeting and surpassing our customer’s every expectation is not only a challenge but a habit with us. And we have endeavored to constantly cater efficiently and responsively to our customer’s every needs. Our legacy is not only leaving behind a successful corporate entity but smiles on the faces of our satisfied customers.

Advantage Simplified


minimal“Focusing on enhancing your production output and waste reduction we consistently supply quality raw material from known global manufacturers also resulting in higher customer satisfaction”



“Our multi-location stock points will ensure timely delivery of products to your factory, reducing the inventory holding cost as well as procurement lead time”


customised “Our dedicated team of sales representatives are working diligently to suit the exact needs of the end customer”



“Our well versed logistics team is aware of handling both hazardous and non hazardous cargo both in solid and liquid form”



“We have extensive knowledge about the products we offer so can advise about the material usage and applications. Also having deep-rooted associations in various industries help achieving desired results”